CLOSE UP AND PRIVATE Newsletter - November 7th, 2022
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Artist Sergei Sviatchenko publishes iconic art photo project as a book


In 2009, art and fashion icon Sergei Sviatchenko created the art photo blog “Close Up And Private” - CUAP. With the blog, he created a new visual language that revolutionised fashion photography and united art and fashion. After five years of intensive work, the blog is now published in a new format; in book form. The release will be celebrated at a launch event at New Mags Store, Ny Østergade 28, Copenhagen on 9 November from 4pm – 7pm.
Sergei Sviatchenko describes the autumn of 2022 as very memorable. At the beginning of October, the artist celebrated his 70th birthday, and next week he will publish his latest book: "Close Up And Private - Modern Classicist - A man's guide to look at the details". The book is published in collaboration with the Austrian publisher Verlag fur moderne Kunst – VFMK. A publication of the blog Close Up And Private - a fashion-forward photo project that combines art, classic style, and an understanding of materials.

For Sergei Sviatchenko, the purpose of going from blog to book is to create a new physical experience with "Close up And Private".

“All media is important, but the book has format, scent, and weight. You can share it, borrow it, or gift it. It may be a legacy. The book can be read and leafed through. The CUAP book can be an inspiration for aesthetic education. It creates a playful mood, but it is also educational. However, not intrusive, but discreet," says Sergei Sviatchenko.


Sergei Sviatchenko created the blog CUAP in 2009 at a time with a burgeoning blog culture, but as Sergei Sviatchenko explains himself, he is not a writer, and therefore the idea arose about creating a visual language about men's wardrobes - especially with a focus on the details of the styling. A dogma was created with few principles, such as a white background, daylight and just a single shot with the camera.

CUAP was created as a family project, where the simple and instant moments were in focus. With son Erik Sviatchenko in front of the camera, the barriers between photographer and model were broken and created space for an image format that examines closeness and relationships. CUAP changed fashion photography radically, and today CUAP's expression is clearly seen in modern fashion photography on a global level.


A broad audience for all-round captivation

In connection with the launch of the book, Sergei Sviatchenko has participated in a collaboration with the bookstore New Mags, which has a store and showroom at Ny Østergade 28, in Copenhagen.

"New Mags' broad audience suits my book very well, which has different ways of viewing the material - for some, it is pure inspiration, but for some, it may be proof that you can see the world differently," says Sergei Sviatchenko .

Sergei Sviatchenko himself will participate in the launch event, which takes place on November 9 from 4pm to 7pm. For the event, a very limited edition of photographic prints with selected motifs from the book has been printed. These are possible to buy.




Sergei Sviatchenko (b. 1952) is a Ukrainian-born architect and artist. He has lived in Denmark since 1990. Sviatchenko is internationally recognized as one of the world's leading collage artists in contemporary art. He has exhibited worldwide and many international art publishers have released monographs including Sergei Sviatchenko: Collages by Rick Poynor (Schlebrügge, Vienna, 2014), Everything Goes Right and Left if You Want it. Art by Sergei Sviatchenko (Gestalten, Berlin, 2012), and Sergei Sviatchenko: I AM COLLAGE (Lindhardt & Ringhof, Denmark).

Sviatchenko was originally educated in art and architecture at the Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Ukraine and he has a Ph.D. at Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Ukraine. He became an Honorary Member and Professor of the Ukrainian Academy of Architecture, 2022. His works have been featured in celebrated magazines such as Dazed & Confused, AnOther, Kilimanjaro, Vogue, Varoom, l Officiel , Elephant, This is a magazine, Viewpoint and Blueprint. Sviatchenko has been doing collaborations for numerous companies and brands such as Cartier, Gant Rugger, Costume National , EMI and others.

In 2002, he established the non profit exhibition gallery space, from where he curated changing exhibitions with renowned and young artists and photographers until 2009. After this, he founded the art project Close Up and Private, an ongoing photo project that provides a contemporary look at style, fashion, and classic details.

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